Pacific K

cropped-cropped-k-logo-dark.png Worldly sounds set in a meditative indie/rock mood that carry deep and melancholic stories with a dark twist and a light at the end of the tunnel. A band that bleeds and breathes music, fond of captivating dynamics and authenticity. Playing together since 2016, the Latvian four-piece released their debut EP “Blue Fall” in April 2017 which gained them praise from careful listeners, as well as some local industry people. 

cropped-cropped-k-logo-dark.png In June 2019 Pacific K released the first single “Tranquil State of Mind” from their first full-length studio album “Light Between Oceans” to be released in autumn 2019 followed by tour dates in the Baltics. The band recorded and worked on the album with the sound engineer Talis Timrots at Mints Music Studio in Riga that has previously worked with artists such as Damien Rice, Ludovico Einaudi, as well as several Latvian bands, including Brainstorm, Satellites LV among others.

cropped-cropped-k-logo-dark.png Inspired by artists such as Fink, Ben Howard, Nick Cave, The Barr Brothers, Sigur Rós among others and driven by the powerful songwriting of the frontman Kristaps Bedritis, Pacific K deliver captivating live performances. As reviews say:

“The original music of the band works as a magnet, leaving no one in the audience indifferent. It has an emotional grasp, mixing melancholy with rich, intense progressions.” – Berga Bazars Summer Festival

“Fresh breath in the Latvian music scene.” – Sandris Vanzovics, nra.lv

cropped-cropped-k-logo-dark.png The band currently has 40+ gigs under their belt, including major festivals in Latvia (Positivus, Laba Daba, Playground, Piens Fest), RIGaLIVE showcase, shows in the Baltics and a few appearances at the global live concert series Sofar Sounds. In 2017 they opened for one of their influences – the British band Fink and have started 2019 with an appearance at a late-night show, as well as a couple of shared gigs with the British band Eyre Llew.

cropped-cropped-k-logo-dark.png Their music has recently been featured on the soundtrack of the short documentary film “Mind Your Step”.


Kristaps Bedritis /// Acoustic guitar / Vocals / Songwriting
Nauris Babris /// Drums
Rihards Libietis /// Guitar
Toms Kursitis /// Bass