Blue Fall EP (2017)

“Blue Fall” (EP) is Pacific K’s debut release and is a collection of stories about the relationships and interaction between people, nature, one’s inner self and how we treat our fears, loss, responsibilities.

Blue Fall is a feeling that came from an unexpected moment far from home. It was early 2013. The return back home later that year brought new experiences and shifted perspectives on things and processes in the world. The autumn was subtle. Thoughts moved through misty rides across the country while encountering new depths of sounds, words, emotions, sights and silences. It brought Misty Roads and Strangers.

Then November came with events that shook many. A tragedy that brought loss, collective confusion, fear and anger to many. A year passed. Those in power seemed “powerless” or just lacked the courage to take responsibility. The confusion and anger had grown. It was November 21st, a late night in a dark room, as I sat down with my guitar and wrote the song. Solitude.

But the last thing I want to do is to spread that seed of confusion and anger. Let this little collection of songs and thoughts be an awakening, a moment of letting go, a night to feel blessed, a time for acknowledging and reflecting, a space for your own critical thought, a journey of discovering something bigger than yourself.

Peace & Love. K.

Video directing & edit by Raitis Abele /// Cameras by Peteris Brinins, Zanda Landrate, Miks Glaveckis



Kristaps Bedritis /// Acoustic guitar, Vocals, Songwriting
Rihards Libietis /// Guitar, FX
Nauris Babris /// Drums
Kristaps Grinbergs /// Bass
Liga Efeja /// Additional vocals on ‘Strangers’

Edgars Skragis /// Recording
Arnis Racinskis /// Mix
Martins Krastins /// Master