A blend of acoustic, deep and melancholic tunes with a dark twist and a light at the end of the tunnel. Tranquil state of mind that finds strength in the forces of nature. Deep calm that dives for solitary truth. Courage to speak your mind. Discovery of something bigger than yourself. Pacific K creates music with a message and a mood for those who stop and listen.

Formerly known by its founder’s name Kristaps Bedritis, the band re-launched as Pacific K in 2017. Kristaps has toured across Latvia since 2011, played summer festivals and small gigs in Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and the UK. His acoustic EP “Worlds Apart” (2015) found keen listeners and a wish for more.

Having played two Positivus festivals (biggest outdoor music festival in the Baltics), he set out to form a band in the autumn of 2015 together with his good friends and great musicians. Landing on Positivus’ I Love You Records stage in 2016, the band has crafted a unique sound, bringing passion and captivating authenticity to the forefront. Their sound combines elements of acoustic, alternative, as well as indie and blues music and has been inspired, lyrically and musically, by artists, such as Fink, Ben Howard, Nick Cave, Sigur Ros and many more.

The band’s debut EP “Blue Fall” (2017) and video for the song “Solitude” is out now.