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Pacific K

Blues notes set in a meditative post-rock mood that carry deep and melancholic stories with a dark twist and a light at the end of the tunnel. A band that bleeds and breathes music, fond of captivating dynamics and authenticity. Playing together since late 2015, the Latvian four-piece released their debut EP “Blue Fall” in April 2017. They have played major festivals in Latvia (Positivus, Laba Daba, Playground, Piens Fest), toured in the Baltics and opened for one of their influences – the British band Fink.

Inspired by artists, such as Nick Cave, Ben Howard, John Butler, Sigur Rós among others and driven by the powerful songwriting of the frontman Kristaps Bedritis, Pacific K cut it best when playing live. As reviews say: “The original music of the band works as a magnet, leaving no one in the audience indifferent. It has an emotional grasp, mixing melancholy with rich, intense progressions.”

cropped-cropped-k-logo-dark.png Pacific K released their debut EP ‘Blue Fall’ and a video for the single ‘Solitude’ in April, 2017.

cropped-cropped-k-logo-dark.png The band is currently working on their first full-length album to be released in spring 2019. 

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‘Blue Fall’ (EP)

Other videos

Pacific K (2018)

Pacific K

Kristaps Bedritis /// Acoustic guitar / Vocals / Songwriting
Nauris Babris /// Drums
Rihards Libietis /// Guitar
Toms Kursitis /// Bass


Manager (Booking, publishing):
Liga Efeja
m: (+371) 29966111

Other questions:
Kristaps Bedritis
m: (+371) 22844941

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